Группа компаний «АТРИУМ»


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Group of Companies “ATRIUM”— one of the leading Russian suppliers of imported equipment made by foreign manufacturers. 

Our company specializes in organizing sales, selecting required technological equipment and providing solution to logistical tasks.

Who are our clients?

Among our clients, there are both Russian companies in need of reliable imported equipment and foreign manufacturers aimed at broadening their presence in Russia.

In Russia, the following clients resort to our services:

Project documentation development contractors

Construction and mounting organizations

Manufacturing enterprises of various fields

Individuals and entrepreneurs

Professional experience

It has already been 6 years since the company entered the market; it enjoys vast experience in the field of logistics, as well as reliable business reputation of supplier. During this time period, stable relations with several foreign manufacturers of technological equipment have been established, including B-SAFETY (Germany), КАМАТ (Germany) and others.

At varying times, we have supplied equipment to such major clients as Lafarge, NK Rosneft PJSC, Lukoil Oil Company PJSC, DANONE, Balakovskie mineralnie udobreniya CJSC, MHK Eurohim JSC and many others. 

Why us?

Prompt equipment delivery. A personal logistics service and partnership with leading forwarding companies enable us to perform any logistical tasks promptly and within the specified time.

Personal warehouse of spare parts. There are more than 1000 item names of various components and spare parts for manufacturing and warranty repair of the supplied equipment at our warehouse in Tver city.

Beneficial financial terms. We work on grounds of individual payment methods under the Customers’ contracts

Professional experience. More than 7 years of successful implementation of the Customers’ projects in the field of technological equipment supplies.

Partnership with foreign manufacturers. We have established a general partnership with foreign manufacturers of unique equipment.