KAMAT is calculated individually for each project. Honestly, if the item you ordered is in stock in Tver, then we ship it on the day of payment. If we have to take it from German stock, then it will be 3 weeks delivery + 10 days customs. The gloves all come from Germany: 3 weeks + 10 days customs.

Again, all individual.

Supply of spare parts and components.

Quality of assembly, components, materials, price/quality balance. Uniqueness of the product. Honestly, we provide the biggest catalog, which covers all possible product range.

Lukoil, Gazprom, Rosneft, Lafarge Cement and many others.

from 12 to 24 months.

That would be individual for each type of equipment.

The KAMAT specialists from the manufacturer's side, the process is called "commissioning". Concerning gloves - the buyer himself.

Honestly - quality passport + drawings, instructions, quality certificates. For pumps - quality passport + drawings, instructions, quality certificates + technical documentation. For gloves - the German certificate.

Honestly - the prices are pretty stable. According to the Kamat production the costs are calculated individually, since the projects are individual, too. Prices for gloves are stable.

We will deal with everything by ourselves. Yes, we help.

Special equipment is not required. Equipment weighs in different ranges - from 5 kg to 3 tons.

All brands are produced in Germany.